Duration: 46 minutes, 5 seconds

Fireside Chat: The Covid Playbook for Marketing and Finance

Finance and Marketing teams have plays they run for a variety of different situations:

  • Marketing has ‘competitive take-out plays’, ‘drive conference attendance plays’, ‘deal acceleration plays’, etc.
  • Finance has their playbooks as well including the ‘increase gross margins play’, ‘reduce collection times play’, etc.

Rarely do finance and marketing playbooks align but now, perhaps more than ever, we need to align our ‘covid’ playbook.

Hear how the 6sense finance and marketing teams have aligned their playbooks to address doing business on a Covid world.

Marketing Financials Fireside Chat with 6Sense Featuring:

  • Thad Kahlow, CEO, BusinessOnline
  • Latane Conant, CMO, 6Sense
  • Robert Goldenberg, CFO, 6Sense