Duration: 39 minutes, 8 seconds

Fireside Chat: Working Together to Put Focus on Business Strategy and Align Decisions

The three laws of PetDesk and our Company Values serve as an overall guidepost for decision making. However, during this time, we needed a specific rubric to help our team through a very dynamic environment. We will discuss the framework and how evaluating data and using an agile approach helped our teams as we pivoted to focus on the short-term – the problem we are trying to solve today. The new normal requires flexibility and stamina as unlike other crisis, this one has already broken all the records and sure the time to recovery will be no exception.

Marketing Financials Fireside Chat with PetDesk


  • Thad Kahlow, CEO, BusinessOnline
  • Christine Gately-Evans, VP of Brand Experience, PetDesk
  • Steve Wolkenstein, VP of Finance & Operations, PetDesk